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Case Studies

Dianne Pearson* from Weltevreden Park, a Vodacom Look 4 help subscriber, phoned Cellfind's client services and explained how the product had helped her in her time of need.

The incident occurred on the N1 Western bypass at 04h00 on monday morning. Dianne was driving to work (The fresh produce market in Johannesburg city deep) when she saw rocks spread out across the road. She panicked, knowing that this is a common hi-jacking tactic. She didn't want to slow down or stop, but there where too many obstacles strewn across the lanes. Her car skidded to a halt. The first thing she did was try to dial 112 and report her situation.

She looked up, there was a gun-wielding hi-jacker knocking on her window and shouting at her to hand over her mobile phone.

With adrenalin pumping through her veins, Dianne pressed her foot down hard on the accelerator and spun away from the scene, deciding that a damaged car is a small price to pay for your life. At the same time, she pressed the Vodacom Look 4 help panic button (speed dial on her mobile phone), thinking that it may be her only chance of being rescued from this ordeal should she not be able to get away.

Seconds later, the recipients (Dianne's mother, father, brother and boyfriend) of her distress message were trying to contact her. She arranged to meet her father and boyfriend at the nearest petrol station. After a while, her mother and brother also arrived to find out if she was in need of anything. She was very lucky to get away unharmed, but was very shaken up by the experience.

Dianne says that she truly believes in Vodacom Look 4 help. No other emergency service was as instantaneous and helpful - the SAPS only responded to the 112 call two hours later. Those closest to you will do so much more to come to your rescue, and by knowing your location they have the ability to do something about your predicament.

*Name has been changed


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